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  • What we Do.


    For over 15 years,we've provided FotoWare Digital Asset Management solutions across Australia and New Zealand. We emphasise practical, time-tested advice and commit to long term support. By doing so, we can guarantee that we deliver on our promises.


    Digital Asset Management Software

    FotoWare delivers software that makes managing your digital assets a breeze.


    Pivotal is the FotoWare Gold Partner, selling and supporting FotoWare across New Zealand and Australia.

    Technical Expertise

    Implementation for your Project

    “Our approach is to coach our customers through the implementation process with regular guidance and advice, that way we transfer our knowledge and experience across to the customer in a relevant way.”

    Mark Curach, Director.


    CCTV & Video Analysis Software

    One open platform to manage all your video investigations tasks. Built for Police , Security Agencies and CCTV specialists.


    Combining smart video search technology with easy to use reporting functionality.

  • Digital Asset Management


    What is your Challenge?

    A DAM system allows you to take control of your Digital content. Control the growing mountain of files, implement self service portals and create robust workflows.


    FotoWare DAM software at home across a multitude of different industries.

    Museums and Cultural


    Many of Australia's leading cultural institutions rely on FotoWare to manage and control their digital assets.

    FotoWare gives them a secure and powerful way to access their important collections.

    Government Services


    A Self service portals allow controlled access to content whilst saving lots of time.


    Robust security and workflows ensure control and compliance.

    Media and Publishing


    FotoWare is used in the production workflow of many of Australia's most popular publications , such as Womans Day, Womans Weekly, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

    Police and Defence


    Pivotal BT provides solutions for Defence and Police that allow them to make the best use of their digital assets.

    FotoWare is used by the ADF and Police Forces at all stages of their image workflow.

  • Roles

    FotoWare provides professional tools specialised for different content managers.

    Marketing Pro


    FotoWare offers Marketing professionals the power to use the right asset at the right time. They can quickly locate and leverage their assets to provide a competitive advantage.

    Digital Content


    Digital Content is a growing part of every organisation. Our solutions allow you to manage and control these assets so that nothing is lost and everything can be used and reused.

    Video Specialist


    KineSense has built the most comprehensive solution for video investigations. We provide you with one platform to manage all your video Investigations tasks.



    Pivotal BT has worked with pro photographers working in a wide variety of different areas. We understand the challenges and can work with you to create a workflow and solution that allows you to focus on the images!

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